About our company


Nordmetal Ltd. has been an important stakeholder in the Hungarian engineering market since its foundation in 1994.

Based on its technical history, our company has experience in production with regard to the manufacturing and mechanical processing of electronic machine spare parts. The production technology and framework conditions are constantly refined, good accessibility ensures favourable conditions.

Our organisational and work culture as well as our experience in the supplier market ensure the strict observation of quality standards and delivery times, both in the manufacturing of prototypes and in series production. Annual audits by regular clients provide relevant guidance for further development.

Having withstood the continual market challenges of the past 20 years, our company today operates in the following areas:

  • production of welded and mechanically processed engine and generator casings
  • industrial engines
  • railway engines
  • water-cooled and air-cooled engines
  • industrial power trains, generator casings, wind turbine casings
  • driving motors, motors for nuclear power plants
  • manufacture of welded steel parts
  • manufacture of stock flow and transportation systems

The quality assurance system, the use of CAD/CAM based technology and the computer-based production control system ensure that the expectations of our clients are met. We utilise the Peoplesoft oneWord system for the organisation of the logistic and management processes.

The performance of our company on the market has been recognized by the award of the Superbrands Award for the second time in 2015.



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